For many centuries Murano glass was limited to daily life and everyday furnishings...  mirrors, chandeliers, tableware.

With technological innovations in the second half of the 20th century came the ability and motivation of the most talented Glass Masters to create Original glass works. Using century old techniques, along with their original talent and ideas, brought new influence into Murano's Glass productions.

Matino is our Master Glass worker. He studied with the best Glass Masters in Murano Italy. He is classically trained with an eye for capturing what is current and ecstatically mesmerizing in today's Murano Glass scene.

Our Gallery is working exclusively with Pop Culture Art Gallery in the United States. We met Karyn and Stacy during their stay in Venice. They are collectors of our Gallery in Murano, Italy.

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Murano Glass
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Murano Glass
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Murano Glass
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Murano Glass