Jeremy Novy is the embodiment of the sociopolitical conscious street artist.  Advocating for gay education and visibility, his self-curated exhibition, "A History of Queer Street Art," premiered in San Francisco in 2011 before later touring Los Angeles and Yale University.

    Jeremy uses visually appealing images that also hold hidden iconography. For his most recognizable series, the koi fish, Jeremy drew inspiration from anti-authoritarian Communist-era Chinese art. Today, Jeremy's koi can be found on the streets and sidewalks of cities across the United States. 

5 Koi on Glass
Single Koi Cut-Out on Wood
Single Koi on Wood
2 Koi on Glass
Single Koi Cut-Out on Wood
3 Koi on Glass
Koi on Glass
Split Window Koi
Various Koi on Glass
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Various Koi on Glass